Welcome to VanderBloom Bouquets & Bulk Flowers!

Welcome to VanderBloom! We're a wholesale flower company specializing in mixed bouquets for gourmet and specialty grocers and to the public, in bulk. We are committed to providing the highest quality products available. We test each variety of every flower used in our bouquets & only source those which are the very longest lasting. This ensures you will absolutely receive the longest lasting bouquets possible!

Novelty Bouquets

Vibrant mixed bouquets thoughtfully composed with the highest quality flowers available, sold in packs of 5. Perfect for parties, dance recitals, fundraisers or any event! All bouquets are designed “vase ready.” Just cut & drop in the container or vase! Shop our Novelty Bouquets Here…


Hand Tied Bouquets

Large Hand-Tied mixed bouquets designed perfectly in shape and vase ready! Just cut & drop in your vase or container & save money on your event flowers! Shop our Hand-Tied Bouquets Here…

Bulk Flowers & Roses

All of the premium flowers which we use in our mixed bouquets are also available by the bunch at wholesale prices. Special Orders Welcome! Shop our Bulk Flowers Here…

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